Adults in a Childs world

So the half term has begun. Well, I mean who could forget with three crazy boys in this house!

Whilst our first day of the holiday has been how all Saturday mornings begin; children eating the contents of the kitchen for breakfast, swimming lessons with my two superstar swimmers whilst rowing at least as many boats used in the Pirates of the Caribbean films with my tiny cherub.

Today, has had me thinking. The wedding and events world is a very adult orientated set up, as you would expect. But what a magical experience would an event be planned by children in their amazingly creative and limitless imaginations. Crazy right?

Well , No. I am now in the process of letting my team of Cherubs plan their own packages for your little guests at your events. I believe what could be more perfect for a child's entertainment than a service created by their peers.

Once we have finalised, and probably tamed (slightly) the ideas. We will be looking for two lovely people to trail their favourite package for a one off reduced fee in exchange for a honest and informative review.

If you would be interested in putting yourself forward contact me on

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